Pallets and Cases from Rainbridge Timber
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Pallets & Cases

We have a well-respected manufacturing facility, supplying a variety of regular and bespoke pallets, crates, boxes and frames for all industrial and manufacturing purposes, including for heat treated export packaging requirements.


In addition to conventional 2-way and 4-way entry pallets, we specialise in the production of pallets, u-frames, and a variety of cases and crates of bespoke nature. These are produced in small volumes, made for production line processes to specific tolerance. We regularly manufacture large pallets in excess of 10 metres long and 2 metres wide.


Our experience and expertise allows us to work closely with the customer to engineer the correct specification of timbers and pallets, ensuring “fitness for purpose”, whilst maximising efficiency and minimising cost.


We provide to many customers a 24-48 hour pallet delivery service, often replacing a customer’s previous in-house facility. We are experienced in providing daily order schedules on a 24 hour lead time for large scale production lines as well as providing actual on-site pallet manufacturing services.


We also offer a pallet repair and recycling service to support the timber recovery and waste disposal obligations of existing customers.

Call our friendly and helpful staff on 01773 603232